RavenTiger cover up Tummy Tuck scarRottweilerPeacock cherry blossom half sleeveRealistic skullDouble DragonsCalifornia skullElephantsThunder GodHolding handsLion face half sleeveKoi and Dragon half sleeve chest 2Koi and Dragon half sleeve chestCherry blossoms Chinese watercolorPolynesian half sleeve (freehand)MermaidKoi cover up nameDragon ForearmsparrowsVirgin Mary and RoseFixer upper scorpionBuddhaPeony flower chestpolynesian forearm (freehand)Rose traditionalKoi fish peony flower cover upPolynesian sleeve (free hand)Che Portraitpeony flowerPhoto Realism football player2Roses butterfly realisticPolyneasian half sleeve California Bearsun flower and blue birdRose black and Greycandy heartdead samuri headEvil sexy girl realisticPeacock featherSmile Now Cry Later masksKoi Kintaro half sleeveEagle mountain landscape half sleevemermaid (clients drawing)Light House half sleeve Hibiscus flowersLacy bowPortrait meadow rain walkerPolynesian arm (freehand)Photo Realism football playerTribal half sleeve (free hand)Tribal Half sleeve (freehand)Koi peony flower half sleeveLily and RoseGun and Rosejapanese piece in progressskull under windbars Shark armpitscorpion fresh vs. HealedBlack and grey realistic rosesLion portraitsailor pieceBride of Frankie portraitbride of frankie portrait close upalice in the wonderland piecePhoenix tribalsoccer team logoheart wings chest piecescorpion handsun flower/butterflyShip/waveportrait memorial momKoi/lotus cover up finishedvirgin mary/rose outlineCrow chestPoly Half sleeve-2Sugar skullOcean/underwater fishRoses shoulderBlue rose/music notesblack tribal freehand one sittingKoi/lotus stomach cover up finishedTree/moon/birdsIndian GirlKoi/Lotus arm close upStone Lion/Fu Dog close upTiger/bamboo half sleeveBuddha/Lotus healedKoi fish lotus legNorthern Indian ArtLion portrait-2Poly Half sleeve-1Hibiscus/HummingbirdStone Lion/Fu DogHannya Mask/Lotus Ship/Shark half sleeveReligious black and grey sleeve Day of the dead girl portraitKoi fish sleeve close upPraying hands realisticClose up color workBlack Widow TattooMarilyn Monroe portraitKois japanese sleeveMary PortraitVirgin Mary portrait winnerMarilyn vampire portraitMarilyn Portrait WinnerMarilyn Monroe red lipsSoldier portraitSoldier portrai2Soldier portrait fresh vs healedMadusaMadusa 3 viewsyellow Koi chestcrossKoi DragonSugar skull/poppy flower sleeve-4Sugar skull/poppy flower sleeve-3Sugar skull/poppy flower sleeve-2Sugar skull/poppy flower sleeve-1Roses/Letteringkois sleeve-1kois sleeve-2kois sleeve-3Koi fishKoi fish Rose/Pione flowerDragon/LotusLion portraitAngel Statue-2Angel Statue-1Mary roses doves-4Mary roses doves-3Mary roses doves-2Mary roses doves-1Navy ShipOld man statueWear your heart on the sleeveEar phonebuddha headRoseBaby portrait raiderday of the dead girl facelady portraitjason mask portraitsugar skull roses b/gTigerOctopus-2Phoenixmexican girlFlowerspoly stingrayDouble RosesSkulls tree-1Skulls tree- 2Skulls tree- 3Old school micRosesKoi/lotusDragonRoosterAutumn leavesDouble KoisTigerMonkey KingSkate parkSt. MichaelPolynesian featherbaby TigersCranes/cherry blossoms3D Letterssoccer shoesold school pin upDragon forearm-1Dragon forearm- 2Dragon forearm- 3Dragon forearm- 4TigerTribal zig zag manday of the deadFlowerspin up half sleeveflowers half sleevelettering/flowersPoly face designBlack and grey rosesPheonixJesusPraying handslast supperMaryPeacock featherTraditional TigerAK IRONS machineSomeone's boySoldiers/flagKoi half sleeveDogturtleKoi fishSomeone's dadSomeone's daughterSomeone's baby daughter-1Someone's baby daughter-2Donny's grandmaJohn WayneMarilyn MonroeSomeone's grandpaSomeone's momJesus/MaryRosary ankleFighting roosterSkate parkHibiscus/HummingbirdTigerTigerTiger Music notes/ink splashSwallow/anchorPink Lily flowersAztec Eagle TattooAztec Eagle Tattoo2(VIDEO) Tattooing portrait (VIDEO) Tattooing portrait2(VIDEO) Ak liner outline and fill in(VIDEO) Tribal black packing
Here are some tattoos that I have done with MY MACHINES.

To make appointment you could facebook, email me or text me at 808-383-2382. I have a BA degree in Fine Art from University of Hawaii at Manoa, do a lot of custom tattooing. Specializing in Portrait and Japanese (Asian), but also do Tribal, Polynesian, Old School, Black n grey, color... pretty much anything.